Getting a flat tire in Melbourne can be a real hassle. Though tires are tough and meant to withstand rough conditions, they can be punctured by road hazards like nails, sharp curbs, broken glass, and potholes. No matter what may have caused it, the result ends up the same—a mess of a tow truck, money, and time.

Needing flat tire repair leaves you in a bit of a pinch. First, you need to figure out how to get your car from its current spot to a mechanic; unless you have enough know-how to do some flat tire repair on your own, you’ll be stuck calling a towing service for a tow truck to pick you up. Once you’re at the mechanic, it seems like your only option is outright replacing your tire with an expensive duplicate.

For many tires, there’s another option: flat tire repair.

What is Flat Tire Repair?

Flat tire repair is just what the name implies. If the puncture wound or leak spot is small enough, a roadside assistance team can fix the tire you already have rather than replace the tire altogether.

The process of flat tire repair is relatively straightforward. First, experts from roadside assistance will inspect the tire for signs of wear, damage, or previous repairs. Then they’ll identify the source of the flat tire. If they assess the tire as capable of being repaired, they’ll install a plug or patch that will seal the tire. Once that is placed, the tire will be back up to industry standards. With the plug or patch set, they’ll inflate the tire to the psi suggested by the manufacturer’s recommendations. With all those steps finished, the tire will be reinstalled onto the car, and you’ll be ready to go back on those Melbourne roads.

Why is Repair Better Than Replacement?

Flat tire repair is often the best option if it is available for your tire. There are many reasons why repair is better than replacement, including:

  • Many tires end up being replaced before the end of their usefulness due to a puncture, a leak, or some natural wear. By replacing these tires early, you lose out on part of your investment as perfectly good time with your tires is wasted, and won’t pay for the service of a tow truck.
  • By replacing early rather than repairing, your tire is also prematurely discarded. While many tire recycling efforts are in effect, there’s still a very good chance that your useable tire will be sent to a tire dump.
  • Rather than shelling out money you may not have for a tow truck service and a full tire replacement, you’re able to spend less in the moment and better understand when your tire will need to be replaced, allowing you to put money aside and save up for the purchase.

Who Do I Call for Flat Tire Repair?

The flat tire repair Melbourne uses is Casey Towing Transport. Their roadside assistance team or tow trucks can meet you anywhere in the Melbourne area 24/7. At Casey Towing Transport, we understand how scary it can be to be stuck on a road with a flat tire, especially at night or during bad weather. That’s why our compassionate, professional roadside assistance and tow truck team will find you quickly and get you back to Melbourne in no time.

If your tire is a bit past repair, don’t sweat it—our emergency towing truck team will get you to a mechanic safely. Casey Towing Transport also offers roadside assistance for gas delivery, jump starts, or car lockouts. Our tow truck can pick up cars after an accident or flat tire for emergency towing or long-distance towing.

Casey Towing Transport is the roadside assistance team Melbourne trusts. Explore our website to see a full list of services and register our phone number (0435 555 400) so we can come by and repair your flat tire as quickly and simply as possible!

Now Casey Towing Transport is available in Clyde Victoria 3978.

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What is Flat Tire Repair and Do I Need It
What is Flat Tire Repair and Do I Need It