Westernport Child Care Centre

Westernport Child Care Centre

Westernport Child Care Centre & Kindergarten, a cherished family-owned establishment, boasts a rich legacy of 24 years of nurturing and educating young minds. Their dedicated team comprises seasoned professionals, each armed with a wealth of experience in the art of childcare and early education, all committed to the well-being and development of your precious children.

At Westernport Child Care, their unwavering commitment revolves around offering top-tier services and educational programs that go beyond the ordinary. Their kindergarten programs, generously funded within their facility, provide a holistic learning experience. In addition, they offer a wide array of enriching activities, including music and movement classes, perceptual motor development, environmental awareness initiatives, and a plethora of exciting excursions throughout the year.

Embracing the highest standards, they proudly align themselves with The National Quality Standards. They maintain an unceasing commitment to evaluate and enhance their practices, ensuring that their documentation, policies, and procedures remain current and precise, thereby upholding the utmost quality in childcare.

Their dedicated teaching staff brings a tapestry of diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise in child services to their nurturing environment. They prioritize continuous professional development, ensuring their team remains at the forefront of the field, ready to provide your family with the most up-to-date services and support.

You can find detailed information about their educators, including their qualifications, displayed in the main foyer of their center. Should you have any questions or wish to arrange a visit to one of their centers, please do not hesitate to contact them; they are here to assist you.

In their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, all their centers and offices have embraced solar power, with installation completed in 2021. They have also implemented solar batteries in Hastings and Lang, concluding in June 2021. It’s worth noting that twenty years ago, Westernport Child Care Center embarked on its journey with the opening of the Hastings center, a remarkable milestone achieved by Josephine and Gerry Giacco.

Environmental stewardship is a cornerstone of their philosophy, recognizing the critical threat of global warming. They are deeply invested in promoting sustainability among their children, striving to lead by example. Their efforts include significant solar power generation, waste reduction, increased recycling, water conservation, and the transition to electric gardening equipment. In 2017, they introduced solar power at the Cranbourne and Koo Wee Rup centers, culminating in their facilities’ full-scale completion in 2021. Their solar arrays not only power their services but also contribute clean energy to the grid and batteries during weekends, benefiting the broader community.

Their calculations project a remarkable 70% reduction in energy consumption, translating to a substantial reduction of 63 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, or a staggering 1,260 tons over the next two decades.

Westernport Child Care Centre and Kindergarten hold an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of all children and adolescents. Their welfare is their paramount concern, guiding every decision they make. They maintain a zero-tolerance policy for child abuse, ensuring a secure environment where children and young people are heard, valued, and protected. Special attention is dedicated to the safety of culturally diverse and disabled children.

Every member of their team understands their unique role in safeguarding the health and security of all children and youth. To learn more about their commitment to child safety and protection, please refer to their comprehensive ‘Child Safety and Protection Policy’ and associated information documents.


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