Road accidents are avoidable if people were to be a bit more cautious. When you are driving, don’t let anything distract your attention. Distractions, impaired driving and speeding are the major causes of car accidents in Australia. The following are some useful tips to avoid road accidents:

Don’t use mobile devices

It is illegal to use mobile devices while driving; however, people still use them. There is nothing which can justify the use of mobile devices while you are driving. Even with a hands-free, you can be distracted. So, make sure your phone is turned off and your focus is on the road. If something important pops up, you can always pull over.

Drinking and driving is a deadly combination

Safe driving requires the ability to concentrate, quickly react to the situation and make good judgments. It is not safe to drive when you have consumed any amount of alcohol as it can slow down your brain and reduce your ability to judge how fast your car is moving or your distance from other vehicles and objects. On top of that, a false sense of confidence can lead you to take greater risks. Inability to focus on more than one thing at a time can also cause an accident. Therefore, don’t drive when you have a consumed alcohol or any other drug in your blood which can impair your judgment.

Maintain your vehicle

Poor vehicle maintenance is another major cause of road accidents. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, be aware that the condition of certain parts of your car such as tires, brakes, lighting systems, etc. must not be ignored for too long. If you think saving money is more important than having a vehicle safety inspection, it is by no means a wise approach. More than 20% of road accidents are directly or indirectly associated with poor maintenance. In order to prevent the unexpected, maintain your car properly.

Don’t drive above the speed limit

Speeding is a major factor in approximately a third of all road accidents. It is rightly said that speed thrills but kills. When you exceed the posted speed limit, you are asking for trouble. Make sure you are following the speed limit and other traffic rules. Remember, you are not the only one on the road, your negligence can create trouble for others.

If you are ever met with an accident, stay calm and call for help. If your vehicle is damaged, call a nearby towing company to get your vehicle towed. As a highly rated towing company in Cranbourne, Casey Towing provides quick and affordable vehicle recovery services. Contact us 24/7 for vehicle recovery and roadside assistance in Cranbourne!

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