Winter should be a season to enjoy staying comfy and cozy indoors with your loved ones, but unfortunately, it comes with some inconveniences, especially for motorists. Winter towing means you not only need to deal with towing, but you also need to think about how to deal with the harsh winter weather conditions.

Understanding possible mistakes in advance and how to handle them will greatly reduce stress during this time. If you think you will need a tow truck this winter, or you will be hauling lots of cars, here are some of the most common towing mistakes in winter and how you can avoid making them.

Not Using The Right Tires For The Job

Your tires are something the entire vehicle is depending on, over time, your tires might lose traction capability, therefore, losing grip on the road. Snow and icy areas can actually damage your tires and also negatively impact your grip on the road. Before the first snowfall hits, make sure you swap out to your winter tires.

Stay in Your Car to Wait

You should not need to get out of your car and stand outside in order to wait for a tow truck. If it is cold outside, it is always recommended to stay in the car and wait for your tow truck driver to come. Remaining inside your car will help you stay warm and dry and out of the harsh elements which could be potentially life threatening.

Not Having The Right Tire Pressure

Temperature changes can affect your car’s tire pressure as much as 10 psi. Regularly checking on your tires pressure is a basic thing you should check before you head out anywhere. This is the same for your tow truck in the winter. Your truck’s tires should be at the optimum level for adequate performance. Check on your tire pressure every so often to avoid a flat.

Parking Your Car In A Hazardous Area

When parking your car, keep your surroundings in mind when waiting for a tow truck to arrive. In the winter, you will most likely be surrounded by icy patches in the road. This leads to accidents happening as passing cars can slide into your vehicle. Be sure you park your car in a spot that is safe for you and your vehicle.

Driving Like It’s Summer Time

Winter conditions are always more difficult to drive in. This means you should take some training for wintertime driving. Jackknifing can be more common during the winter because of the slippery conditions on the road. This happens when a driver does not give themselves enough time when making a turn.

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Tips To Avoid Common Mistakes In Winter
Tips To Avoid Common Mistakes In Winter