Safety is an important part of any towing operation. The use of right equipment, tow trucks, hauling techniques, and skills are key when it comes to ensuring safety and success. Substandard equipment and inexperienced operators can lead to accidents and property damage. However, observing a strict adherence to codes and safety guidelines will surely lead to hassle-free towing experiences. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to perform a towing job, the following tips will make the job easy.

Balance the tow load

There are a number of safety aspects that must be given due attention before you can go ahead and start driving. One of them is to balance the tow load in order to prevent the trailer from swaying and fishtailing. Placing heavier objects closer to the front end and ahead of the trailer’s axle will help maintain an even balance. It becomes dangerous to make turns with an imbalanced trailer as it can cause rollovers. Moreover, overloading can cause imbalance and trailer damage. Stop immediately if you feel that your trailer is swaying and the load is not balanced.

Check tires

It is always advisable to check the tires before setting out for a trip. Therefore, make sure that the tire pressure is correct. Tire blowouts are horrible especially when you are towing heavy objects. Under-inflated tires can imbalance the tow load and make it difficult for drivers to maintain control. If you feel that your vehicle is losing control, pull over and fix the issue. Old and worn out tires should be replaced on time in order to prevent any inconveniences.

Be careful while turning

Turning a tow truck, when the trailer has a wider wheelbase, can be very technical and require a certain degree of skill. Lack of care and expertise can cause the trailer to hit objects adjacent to the road and cause damage. Over speeding while turning can cause the trailer to flip over. Therefore, be very careful while turning in order to reduce risks.

Maintain speed and adjust

Drivers understand that it is hard to accelerate or stop a heavy duty vehicle. Passing a vehicle while towing a heavy object demands skill and concentration as drivers have to keep in mind the length of vehicle and adjusted speed. A driver has to accelerate in order to pass a vehicle while taking into account that speed can lead to an accident.

Inexperienced drivers should find a safe place and practice difficult maneuvers. Practice will make their work less stressful and safe in real life environments. By following these tips a tow driver can minimize the risk of accidents and ensure safe and secure towing processes.

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