How To Create An Emergency Auto Kit To Hold You Over While You Wait For Towing Service in Melbourne?

Auto emergency kits are very important tools for all vehicles. Emergencies happen when we least expect them – and the best way to avoid being stranded for long periods of time on a deserted road is to be equipped with an auto emergency kit. The kit should include tools for car repairs as well as essentials such as a first aid kit, blanket or emergency solar blanket, water, and food. Granola or energy bars are the perfect food for roadside emergencies. 

Emergency roadside towing Melbourne advises that the first aid kit should contain basics such as gauze, bandages, adhesive tape, antibiotic ointment, scissors, instant ice pack, instant heat compress, and aspirin or other pain reliever.

What Should A Roadside Emergency Kit Contain?

Owing to the fact that not all roadside emergencies are caused by tires, auto emergency kits should also contain tools that allow basic repairs to be done on a vehicle. These should include flat head and screwdrivers, vise grips, adjustable wrench, pliers, pocketknife, or a multipurpose tool containing many tools in one. Other items that can come in handy during a roadside emergency include oil, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, rags or paper towels, duct tape, and an ice scraper.

In addition to the emergency roadside kit, each car should be equipped with a 72-hour pack containing items such as hand warmers, high energy bars, water, whistle, fire-starting gear, a 3-day supply of necessary prescription medications, solar blanket, a radio with batteries, and so forth.

Learning To Inspect Your Vehicle

A car emergency kit is great for responding to emergencies; however, it can’t look under the hood. You may also want to conduct a simple inspection of your vehicle before departure. This extra step may save you hundreds of dollars in tow-truck and vehicle repairs. For example, check the state of your drive belt; check for fluid leaks; check and top off all fluids; check all exterior lights and check your tire pressure. These simple steps along with a well-built roadside emergency kit will give you the peace of mind you deserve while you’re on the road.

Additional Tools

Similarly, a cell phone is another tool that you should not forget about. The cell phone should be the number one thing to keep with you because even if all else fails you can call for help, moreover you can do something as simple as call Melbourne emergency service to get the car towed or call the police in the case of an accident.

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Roadside Emergency Kits
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