Do you want to know the best way to safely jump start your car? The information in this article will help you.

You will learn how to;

  • Determine how well your battery is functioning,
  • The best way to connect to battery
  • The safe way to get the car going again with just a set of jumper cables (and an additional, running car). 

However, before the information is presented, it is important to understand that batteries emit both oxygen and hydrogen gases. They are highly flammable, which means that you must be mindful about what you allow being near the battery. Make sure that the area you are working in is well ventilated, and protect your eyes in the event that the battery explodes. In addition, never allow children to get close to a car battery.

There is sulfuric acid in automobile batteries, and your clothing, eyes and skin must not come in touch with it. Because sulfuric acid could splash, it is important to make sure that your eyes are protected while you are concentrating on the vehicle.

If something happens, and you get the sulfuric acid on some part of your body or clothing – or even in your eyes, wash the involved area with water for at least quarter-hour. If you have swallowed some acid, try and flush it out of the body by drinking copious amounts of either water or milk and then consuming a beaten egg, Milk of Magnesia or vegetable oil. Visit a doctor right away to ensure that all things are okay.

You will then need to have access to jumper cables plus a working vehicle to jump start your car. In addition, the other car must be located nearby the automobile that is no longer working, to ensure the jumper cables can extend to each vehicle.

It is important to remember that safety equipment is a big point in this process. You should keep a pair of safety goggles, as well as gloves, inside your vehicle that you can use in an emergency.

Bring the other vehicle near the car that needs assistance, being sure that it is not in virtually any danger utilizing traffic. Be as safe as possible, especially if you are located over a public road.

Find the red (positive) clamps and the black (negative) clamps. Typically, jumper cables are labeled with colors so that users can quickly and accurately figure out what they should do.

Before you get started, both of the vehicles should have their ignition switched off.

On the non-working battery, the positive post needs to be attached to the red clamp.

Then, the second red clamp needs to attach to the working battery, also in the positive post.

Next, make sure to put the black clamp on the working battery, attaching it for the negative post.

Pay attention to this next piece of information. The last black clamp should NOT be placed on the nonworking battery. Instead, you should locate it and place it on a little exposed metal. For example, you may decide to attach it to your bolt. You will know you have done everything correctly if a small spark pops as the last clamp proceeds. As was mentioned before, you do not want to position the last clamp on the nonworking battery, as you could start a fire.

After you are finished connecting the leads as described, turn on the working car.

Allow it to run for approximately five minutes or so.

Then, try and crank up the non-working car. If nothing happens, you may want to give it a little extra time, particularly should it be cold outside. You may want to make sure your battery cables are clean and have no corrosion that could prevent a jump start.

Once you get the non-working vehicle started again, take off the jumper cables immediately. Begin with the last clamp that you placed on (the one coupled to the metal), and work backwards.

You have now learned how to jump start your automobile.

If you find that you have to quick start your battery on a number of occasions, you may want to think about getting your car’s battery and charging system checked out. Batteries wear down with time and alternators do fail, allowing the battery to become discharged.

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