Changing a flat tire is by no means a pleasant task especially when you are going to attend something important. You are all dressed up and on your way to an important event and suddenly you find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with a tire blowout. Even if you have all the tools and skills, changing a flat tire will never be convenient. However, following are few simple tips that will help you change a flat tire without getting frustrated:

A flat tire is something you can’t predict especially when you have recently replaced old tires. However, make sure you are well-equipped to deal with this whenever and wherever it happens. Turn hazard lights on and let the friction from the dead tire slow the car. Try not to park on the grass or muddy surface.

If you haven’t changed a flat tire before, you had better reach a roadside assistance company to help you out. Don’t hesitate to consult the manual before taking on this job. Every car is different so it is advisable to seek guidance. Making a minor mistake can change a situation from bad to worse. Find the tools necessary to get this job done. Once you have all the tools: wrench, jack, and spare with you, you are ready to start. One last thing before you start; check out the spare to ensure it is properly inflated.

Loosening the lug nuts may seem difficult at the start. The wheel bolts are tight for a reason but it could be a real pain to dislodge them. Place the jack and lift your vehicle up before removing the nuts completely. Keep the nuts in order because a missing piece can add to your miseries. After removing and organizing nuts, it’s time to take the flat tire off and place the spare on. Now tighten the nuts just enough to keep the tire on while returning the car to the ground. Once jack is removed, twist the nuts as tight as they will go.

As a precautionary measure, keep the spare properly inflated to avoid further inconvenience. If you don’t have the tools, spare or skills to deal with a flat tire, you should call a roadside service to get immediate help. In Melbourne, Casey Towing is a reliable roadside service that provides quick and affordable flat tire and other roadside services. If you are in Melbourne and need help from a towing or roadside service, call Casey Towing and get your roadside issues resolved immediately and satisfactorily.

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