The chances of getting stuck become more prominent in winter or when driving off-road in muddy conditions. There are a number of situations when your car can get stuck in snow, mud, or even a ditch. While every situation is different, you can follow some guidelines that will help you get unstuck without a tow. Whether your wheels are buried to the axles or just slipping a little, there is always a way out. Here are some tips that will improve your situation and get you back on the road:

Use your car matt

Using your car matt is an effective way to get your car unstuck. It will save you both time and money. It may sound odd but matts can provide traction under the tires, making it easy for the vehicle to pull forward. If there are no matts in your car, you can use a trunk liner, a piece of carpet, or even a towel. Place the tip of the matts under the tires while the rest of the matt is in front of the tire. Now drive slowly until your car reaches firm ground.


Rocking is a traditional technique many drivers use to get back on solid ground. It is a maneuver where you can use the engine to roll your car forward, and then you can put it in reverse to roll it backward, and then roll forward again. Do this several times as it will build the momentum your car needs. This can help get you out of a sticky situation.

Let some air out

When it becomes almost impossible to get the grip needed, try letting some air out of the tires. Low tire pressure makes a wider contact patch and it can provide the control your car needs. When you get back on the road, make sure to have your tires properly inflated.

Don’t spin the wheels

Your car is designed to be driven on the road where there’s natural traction. When stuck in soft and slippery mud or snow, spinning wheels won’t help as you can lose more traction. Even worse, moving the wheels rapidly can get them stuck deeper in the mud. If you have used every technique and you are still stuck, keep calm and call a professional car recovery service.

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