There are different types of companies that provide vehicle recovery services; for example, recovery operators, wrecker operators or tow truck drivers who undertake recovery using various types of equipment and trucks. In the past, auto repair shops were used to tow or recover vehicles. However, vehicle recovery has become a distinct industry completely different from what auto repair trade does. Casey Towing Transport is one of the reputable vehicle recovery service providers in Cranbourne where we also help people with minor auto repair and roadside assistance.

Why Vehicle Recovery Service is Required for Heavy and Lightweight Vehicles?

In many situations, cars or even heavy vehicles end up in circumstances that demand special equipment and trucks to extract or recover stuck vehicles. Heavy vehicles like buses, recreational trucks, and heavily loaded trucks can sometimes end up off road or in a ditch. Lightweight vehicles can get stuck in mud, snow, or dirt and it becomes almost impossible to extract them without professional assistance.

Issues like broken down vehicles, locked out, road accidents, etc. come under towing and that’s where vehicle recovery comes into play. If you are looking for emergency vehicle recovery services in Cranbourne, Casey Towing Transport is the right place to turn to. We provide great customer care, prompt response, and affordable services. We build our reputation around hard work, professionalism, dedication, skills, and a commitment to serve people.

Vehicle recovery equipment

A traditional recovery fleet includes support and recovery vehicles. Mobile workshops, basic service vans, tow trucks, boats, and trailers are some of the recovery vehicles companies use to provide emergency recovery services. These vehicles have a specialized body style and are designed to lift heavy equipment.

In the past, it was a common practice to utilize dollies to recover damaged or stuck vehicles. These were cranes mounted on a two-wheeled axle designed to be towed behind a suitable towing vehicle. These were used, for example, when a vehicle has had an accident and both ends are damaged.

Some vehicle recovery trucks function as service vans which can carry a broad assortment of tools and equipment such as stands, jacks, spares, garage equipment, etc. Some support vans are also equipped with spectacle lifts that fold away inside the rear doors. If a vehicle can’t be repaired on the spot, the recovery operator can still use mobile support vans to transport it.

If you are in Cranbourne and need emergency vehicle recovery service, call Casey Towing Transport and we will be happy to provide emergency services 24/7!

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