A great degree of professional knowledge, skill, and equipment is required to perform heavy duty towing. This is why it is advisable to let professionals deal with your heavy duty towing needs. Casey Towing Transport is one of the best towing companies in Cranbourne where we provide reliable and safe heavy duty towing services. Years of experience, state-of-the-art tow trucks, and equipment enable us to deliver the best service available in the town. The following are some of the features of our heavy duty hauling expertise:

Peace of mind

It is wise to avoid potential risks associated with amateur heavy duty hauling services. Inexperienced tow truck drivers and operators can violate the law and good practices which often leads to massive damage to property and payloads. Insecure towing operations can cause loss of life. We ensure you peace of mind by providing safe and secure services. We always use the right tow truck and equipment to tie cargo down and secure the front and back of vehicle. Recommended hauling practices prevent property, financial, and physical damage. If you are looking for a company which ensures safety and peace of mind, Casey Towing Transport is certainly the right place to call.

Proper towing equipment

Old, outdated equipment is one of the reasons why towing operations fail or cause damage, especially in heavy duty towing which is a technical and sensitive job. We always use modern and appropriate towing equipment to perform all kinds of towing jobs. Our tow operators properly secure the equipment before hitting the road. Observing each and every step carefully and prioritizing safety help us prevent damages caused by the massive weight of the load carried when it shifts during quick turns. To make the process more efficient, our operators:

  • Limit motion and shifting by placing the object and load in the right area
  • Ensure that equipment is properly secured and tied down
  • Don’t allow any piece of equipment to make contact with your vehicle’s brakes, hydraulic lines or any other sensitive part.

It is a technical process to tow a heavy object such as vehicles. From loading to unloading, there are numerous safety measures a tow truck operator must take to carry out a safe heavy duty towing operation. If you need to transport a heavy object such as a car or any other vehicle, we will be happy to assist. We also provide long distance towing services which means we are not limited to Cranbourne. Contact us for more information!

If you are in Lynbrook, Victoria 3975, and looking for a tow truck service, this is the best way to visit us.

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