Nothing can be worse than witnessing a flat tire when heading out for an important event or a meeting. Moreover, waiting for roadside tire assistance can be draining when you are already getting late. Do you wish to learn how to fix a flat tire quickly?

We know it might look like a tiresome process, but do not worry, as following these simple ten steps will help you complete the task in just a few minutes.

The act of changing tires is often connected to manly skills. There are no arguments that flat tire change can be physically draining, but anybody can do it quickly and effectively if the right tips and techniques are used. All you have to do is align the angles of your tools correctly and then imply adequate force in the right direction.

According to an article, around 60% of drivers cannot change the flat tires. This might sound a bit unconvincing, but that is the fact. If you are a regular driver, learning flat tire change is a necessary skill.

Let us quickly understand the process of changing flat tires efficiently and effectively.

How to Change a Flat Tire?

In the below paragraph, let us cautiously understand the tips that need to be followed for effectively changing a tire. The procedure and tips for a flat tire repair are as follows:

Position the Car in a Safe Area:

Keeping the car at a distance from the usual road is essential to avoid any chance of accidents, unnecessary traffic and work freely with ample space.

Switching on the Flashers:

Once you’ve parked the vehicle in a safe area, it is essential to switch on the flashers. It is vital to keep the other drivers informed about the parked car on the side of the road while you are working on it. Flashlights become even more critical during the nighttime to avoid collisions.

Pulling of Brakes:

Even when you are not parked in slope areas, triggering the hand breakers is essential to avoid any sudden rolling of the car.

Affix the Wheel Wedges:

Once you affix the wheel wedges, it becomes fixed. Its fixed position acts as a barrier and stops the car from moving further or backward.

Remove the Wheel Cap:

Before pulling the tires on the jack, it is essential to remove the wheel cap so that you can efficiently operate on the lug nuts.

Lugnuts and Jacks:

Once you’re done with the above procedure, now is the time where you start loosening the lug nuts. Initially, it must be done in the position of ¼ or ½ and then slowly unscrew it completely.
Now, place the jack beneath the flat tire frame and start raising the jack till the flat tire rises to 6 inches from the ground level.

Lugnuts and Jacks:

Once the jack is positioned, gently remove the flat tire from the frame and replace it with the spare tire. Make sure that the tire’s rim is perfectly aligned with the lug bolts.

Tighten the Bolts:

You can now place the nuts on the bolts and start tightening them. Give it a double-check and assure the grip.

Lower the Vehicle:

Once you have securely placed the lug bolts, gently pull down the jack and lower the vehicle. Give it a final hand.

Bundle Up:

Safely place the wheel cap back to the frame of the spare tire. Bundle up all your tools back in the kit, and you are ready for your ride again.

Following the above steps can help you easily fix a flat tire and make it a child’s play for you.

Consider yourself lucky enough if you are stuck with a punctured tire in the city itself. However, what if you are on the weekend, enjoying the best time with your family and suddenly realize the misery of a flat tire.

Well, in such cases, you can always opt for roadside tire assistance. Make sure your insurance has this feature covered so that you can enjoy the hassle-free swapping of new tires in no time.


Looking at the steps mentioned above, changing a flat tire might now look like a more straightforward task.

However, saying is easier than doing. What if you are still unable to accomplish the task? It is advisable to immediately call for emergency flat tire repair services and get the job done.

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Changing a Flat Tire in 10 Easy Steps
Changing a Flat Tire in 10 Easy Steps