Why Do You Need a Towing Service?

Car trouble can occur anytime, and if it happens in a lonely or very busy place, the problem becomes even bigger. Towing services offer much-needed assistance in such a situation. Here is a list of the top reasons why you need towing services. 

Leaving car keys inside the car

You might be disciplined, but you can do something that you might not have ever expected if you are in a hurry. We often forget the car keys and lock them inside. Sometimes, the keys are even in the ignition. If it happens to you, you should call for a towing service rather than trying something else.

The tire goes flat

A tire can go flat for many reasons and at any time. It might not be a severe problem, but what will you do to get home or to work? Calling for roadside assistance is the best way to get it sorted out.

Your car stops functioning

It might have happened to you that your car stops suddenly and it does not start on. You might try to sort the things yourself. If it works, you are lucky, but if it doesn’t, seek help from a tow company.

You are in an accident

Everybody tries to avoid accidents, but there are times when even the best drivers collide. Be it the ice, snow, rain, or simply bad judgement, accidents happen to the best of us. After an accident, chances are you will need emergency roadside assistance. Hiring the best towing service in Cranbourne is the best way to get rid of such a difficult situation.

Apart from these cases, you may need towing services for battery boost, fuel delivery, or car overheating, among other things.

How to Stay Safe When You are Waiting for a Towing Truck?

There is an old saying, “From frying pan to fire,” which fits perfectly when your car is broken. You might have called for a towing recovery service and are waiting for them to come, but there can be other threats as well. Following a few things can help you stay safe in such situations.

Inform the police 

It may take some time for the towing recovery services to reach your location, contact the police nearby and make them aware of your predicament.

Lights should be turned on

Turning on the Hazard light is essential if your vehicle is on the road and not functioning. You should also turn on the reflective warning triangle in the front and back of your vehicle if you have one, especially at night. It will warn other drivers and let the tow truck driver see you more easily.

Stay Near Your Vehicle

If your car is on the road, there is the chance you could be involved in an additional accident. Stay in your vehicle or near your vehicle at a safe distance until the tow truck arrives.

How Much Does It Cost for Towing?

When you are in distress, other towing companies may try to take advantage of it by adding different surcharges. They may not disclose the exact price in the beginning and charge you a hefty amount. You will feel ripped off if such things happen to you. 

At Casey Towing, we offer the best, most trustworthy assistance whenever we get a call. Know about the potential cost before hiring any Cranbourne towing company by asking for a quote and confirming any hidden charges. Or, save yourself the hassle and simply call Casey Towing!

Things to Look for in a Cranbourne Towing Company

You call for roadside assistance when you are in serious need. However, choosing the wrong towing company can make things more complicated instead of solving problems. So, keep a few things in mind before selecting a Towing Company.


The towing company must be licensed. It ensures that the company has trained professionals and the right tools for the job.

24/7 availability

Towing service has to be urgent; make sure your towing company can provide you immediate help when you need it. Casey Towing Service is available 24/7 to help people in trouble in Cranbourne, and surrounding regions.


Customer reviews help you know about the service of the company. Look for reviews on different online platforms to have a clear understanding of their services.

Why Choose Casey Towing Service?

Reliability is the first thing you need to look at when choosing a towing company. Casey Towing Service is a Better Business Bureau accredited towing company in the region. We know the location around Cranbourne better than others, allowing us to reach you quickly to help you.

Our professionals are equipped with all the modern equipment to help you with every roadside assistance service. We provide fuel assistance, battery recharging, ignition key extraction, vehicle recovery, heavy-duty towing, light-duty towing, vehicle recovery, and many others. Casey Towing provides the best Towing in Cranbourne, and our motto is 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Now Casey Towing Transport is available in Cranbourne Victoria 3977, Australia.

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Best Towing in Cranbourne
Best Towing in Cranbourne