Flatbed trailers are used to haul a variety of heavy objects usually vehicles. They are also used to tow bulky commercial loads such as heavy machinery, pipes, and lumber. Hauling vehicles or heavy loads is a technical job that demands reliable equipment and certified towing skills. If a vehicle is not properly secured on a flatbed trailer, it can lead to an accident.

Whatever the nature of a load, make sure you have fastened the object securely before you hit the road. Following are some tips on flatbed trailer towing and a list of necessary accessories that you should consider in order to ensure safe and secure operations:

Short introduction

Start with the positioning a vehicle evenly on the trailer over the axle. You can pull the vehicle as forward as you can but do not let the vehicle touch the trailer’s front. Vehicles have wheels that can roll, therefore, it is important to set the parking brake and put the vehicle in gear. Next step is to secure the tire with straps and hook the v-straps or similar equipment. Rachet down everything and check the hitch, chains, and light. Make sure you are experienced in dealing with flatbed trailer towing.

Every driver cannot drive a towing trailer. Even a driver expert in driving heavy trucks has to be very careful while hauling a heavy load. It is not safe to exceed the recommended speed and do quick maneuvers. There must be a reasonable distance so that you can have plenty of time to brake. These are some technical aspects of this job that needs to be given due attention.

Popular accessories

There is a variety of towing accessories used to perform varying tasks. Following are some popular tie-down accessories that can be used to perform towing with flatbed trailers:

  • Nylon straps with steel hooks
  • Ratchet, a steel ratcheting system to fasten the load
  • Basket straps that fit over wheels
  • Reinforced nylon straps to tie down loads
  • Chains

Simply put, whenever you deal with towing tasks, you had better be well-equipped and careful in taking all the precautionary measures.

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